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Buy 1 Wipe New Bottle & Recieve:
FREE - Upgrade to 1 DOUBLE Sized Bottle
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Wipe New

Wipe Kit

Wipe New Bottle Sizes

Wipe New the auto detailing product that restores and shines many vehicle surfaces, is available in a compact sized bottle containing one and one half ounces.  That is enough Wipe New to treat a mid-sized car.  When placing an order upgrade to the double sized bottle of three full ounces and have the ability to treat multiple vehicles.

How Much Wipe New Is Needed?

With Wipe New, just a little cream goes a very long way.  Wipe New needs to be applied only once every two years and a small one and one half ounce bottle of Wipe New Cream is all that is needed to treat a mid-sized car.  The three ounce bottle of Wipe New is capable of treating multiple vehicles and surfaces beyond one mid-sized car.

Tips For Using Wipe New

Wipe New contains a nano-polymer compound that can be irritating to the skin.  Always wear gloves when applying Wipe New.  Wipe New’s Pro Detailing Kit includes a pair of gloves to be used during application.  Wipe New will damage clothing.  Dress appropriately when working with Wipe New.

For Best results when using Wipe New do not stop during the application process.  Stopping may cause streaked areas where the cream has been over applied.  Should streaks appear it may become necessary to use a polishing compound to remove the Wipe New.

Always start with clean dry surfaces before treating any vehicle with Wipe New.  Apply Wipe New with the multi colored application cloths provided in the Pro Detailing Kit.  Each one of the colored micro fiber cloths has a different specific purpose.

Wipe New is not to be used on glass surfaces like mirrors or windshields to avoid a blurring or wavy appearance to the glass; however Wipe New is safe for use on headlights.  Wipe New requires at least twenty four hours to completely dry and cure.  It is essential to avoid streaks and discoloring that Wipe New and the surfaces it is applied to do not come into contact with rain or other water sources.  Humidity may cause Wipe New to cure slower.

Headlight Scrubbing Pad

Wipe New, in its Pro Detailing Kit provides a scrubbing pad with a mild grit of sand paper to be used for removing grime and oxidation from the surface of the headlight.  Rub across the headlight repeatedly then wash with water and dry before treating.

Wipe New Applicator Brush       

Use the applicator brush to apply Wipe New to the smaller surfaces that it is difficult to get hands or applicator cloths into.  The applicator brush is tipped with a soft sponge designed to get in the corners and other tiny surfaces.

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Multi Colored Fiber Cloths          

The Pro Detailing Kit included with Wipe New contains three micro fiber cloths for use during the application process.  The reasoning behind the micro fiber cloths is to slow the absorption of Wipe New into the cloth and to prevent lint found on cotton rags.

There are two yellow microfiber cloths for application on any surface.  The red micro fiber cloth may also be used on any surface but is slightly smaller.  Choose the applicator cloth that best fits the hand without slipping or bunching up.

How Long Will It Take To Receive Wipe New?

Wipe New does not offer express or overnight delivery, only ground.  Orders for Wipe New are processed immediately and shipped promptly.  Allow four to six weeks for delivery, however, most orders are processed and shipped within one to two weeks.

Where is Wipe New Available?

Wipe New is a fairly new product with a small market as of yet.  Wipe New is available only in the United States.  Wipe New is not available for purchase in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam or any other United States Territories.

Wipe New Drying Time

Wipe New cream needs a minimum of twenty four hours to fully dry.  Humidity may slow the drying process of Wipe New.  After application do not expose the vehicle to rain, puddles, misty sprinkles, hose water or any other water source until completely cured and dry.

Wipe New on Mirrors and Glass              

Wipe New is not meant for use on glass.  Remove all Wipe New from glass surfaces if it does come in contact with them.  Wipe New causes streaking, blurring and a generally wavy appearance when looking through glass surfaces obstructing vision while driving.  Wipe New does not guarantee results of use when on glass surfaces.

Wipe New Lasts A Long Time

Wipe New is designed to work with only one application to restore the shine to vehicle surfaces.  Wipe New also protects treated surfaces from sun damage, weather exposure, road grim and more for nearly two years.  The Wipe New nano-polymer technology bonds on contact with surfaces making last longer than other products for the same purposes.

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